College Football Zone

I am a Chaotic Fan.  Welcome to "College Football Zone"!  This is a blog about college football.

Starting in late July, I'll be doing my Preseason Top 25.  I will try my best to do several teams a day, and hopefully, the entire Top 25 will be completed in early August.

Once the "College Football Zone Preseason Top 25" is completed, I'll begin making other preseason prediction, including some bowl projections.  Other non-prediction articles concerning the upcoming college football season will also be published from time to time.

Around mid-August, I'll start making game predictions.  At the moment, I intend for those game predictions to include various factors, such as offensive advantage and defensive advantage, as well as mental advantage.  I am a very firm believer that "heart" and "motivation" plays a very big role in the final outcome of a game, and by "heart", I mean the players "desire to win" and the "who wants it more" factor.  Of course, "motivation" also includes the "who wants it more" factor.

Primarily, I will focus most of my attention on teams from the "Power Five Conferences", which includes the ACC, the Big Ten, the Big 12, the Pac-12 and the SEC.  However, teams from the other conferences will also receive some attention from time to time.

Once the season gets underway, I'll start writing about Heisman Trophy candidates.  I'd like to give the players a chance to play in a game or two before I start judging their performances.

It appears that we are going to have another exciting season of college football in 2017.  Personally, I think the 2017 season will be more exciting than the 2016 season.